OSHA Advanced Competent Climber and Rescuer class - Michigan, September 2016

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If you need your tower climbing certs renewed for your job, or you want to get the best training possible for a new job or your own projects, come join us at Vertical Safety Solutions in LeRoy, Michigan, September 27 - 28, 2016.

SS-313 - Advanced Competent Climber and Rescuer - $975
Available as an open enrollment class in LeRoy, MI.

This two-day course coincides and interacts with students taking VSS211 & VSS212. Advanced Competent Climber and Rescuer is designed to exceed OSHA training requirements, NATE CTS for Competent Climber/Rescuer and ANSI training standards. This certification course is recommended for crew leaders, site supervisors, safety representatives and tower personal who are required to be certified in competent climber/rescuer to oversee work performed by Authorized climbers.

This training provides individuals with the required skills to safely distinguish evaluate and control hazards related to tower work at heights. The course will conclude with a full day of hands-on tower rescue training equipment, correctly rigging a variety of rescue equipment for a range of possibilities and, rescue of a victim considering the probable injuries sustained. VSS-211 and VSS-212 students will receive the same lecture and training as authorized climber, and VSS 212 students will be required to complete the same tower maneuver exam as an authorized climber.

This course is taught by lecture, power point presentation, and hands on interaction with harnesses, lanyards, connectors, tools, rope and rigging apparatus. Students will receive over 300 pages of educational information and resources contained within the student manual to be used during class and for future reference. In addition VSS-313 students also receive manufacturer specific information on the rescue equipment used on day 3.

Certification of training and photo ID card will be awarded at the end of class for successful completion of written exam, tower maneuver test and proper use of all rescue equipment used on day 3. VSS-212 or equivalent class is required to take VSS-313. Class size is limited to 12 participants.

Course Summary:
Course overview/objectives
Gravity does not take a break
Speeding up technology
Organized Confusion (Policy, Standards, Rules, Regulations)
Gauge the Hazards
Fall Protection Systems (PFAS)
Lifelines – Vertical/Horizontal
PFAS – Inspection, Use, Care, Storage
Ropes and Knots
Man Riding, Nets, Rails
Personal Safety/First Aid
Hazards – Site/Environmental/Structure
Safety, what’s The Plan?
Rescue and Response
Review, Questions, Discussion
Tower Maneuvers:
Safety Meeting/Hazard Assessment
Select/Inspect PPE
Select/Inspect PFAS
Assist with rigging tower
Use safe climb cable/Lad-safe
Use lifeline with fall arrest
Practice rescue procedure with controlled decent device
Maintain three points of contact
Face climb using fall arrest Y lanyard
Use ladder climb system
Demonstrate appropriate knot and identify
Climb under control and maintain 100% tie off
Rig and perform rescue with Rollgliss pulley system
Rig and perform rescue with DBI No Worries system
Rig and perform rescue with Petzel ID system
Perform self-rescue