System installation

We generally install the systems we design and sell. But some things that set us apart from other off-grid installers are:

  • We are bush-savvy and have experience deploying systems to extremely remote locations. We've so far done this via float plane, helicopter, whitewater raft, panga, ATV, canoe, and backpacking. We look forward to trying barge, horseback, mule, elephant, camel, whatever you require
  • We are willing to work with homeowners and businesses who wish to do some of the installation or purchase the equipment themselves
  • We can help "bail out" do-it-yourselfers who have found they "bit off more than they can chew"
  • We have extensive experience with tilt-up towers for small wind and meteorological applications
  • Three of our staff are OSHA certified as Advanced Competent Tower Climber / Rescuers